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Radio Stations In Nigeria And Their Owners

Radio Stations In Nigeria And Their Owners. Catch All The Radio Stations In Nigeria As Well Their Frequencies And owners In This Post. 

Radio Stations In Nigeria

Radios over time, have become a very important aspect of the media. Do you wish to know some of the radio stations we have in Nigeria as well as their owners? Then you have come to the right source for this information. In this article, I have a well detailed list of all the radio stations we have in Nigeria as well as their owners.

A detailed list of all the Radio stations in Nigeria

1Brilla FM – SportAbuja88.9Commercial
2.Vision FMAbuja92.1Commercial
3.Kapital FMAbuja92.9Govt
4.ASO RadioAbuja93.5Commercial
5.Rhythm FMAbuja93.7Commercial
6.Nigeria info FMAbuja95.1Commercial
7.Urban Radio FMAbuja96.5Commercial
8.Cool FMAbuja96.1Commercial
9.Hot FMAbuja98.3Commercial
10.Best Afro FMAbuja87.9Commercial
11.Wazobia FMAbuja95.1Commercial
12.Kiss FMAbuja99.9Commercial
13.Ray power FMAbuja100.5Commercial
14.Love FMAbuja104.5Commercial
15.WE FMAbuja106.3Commercial
16.Armed Forces RadioAbuja107.7Govt
17.Broadcasting Corporation OF AbiaUmuahia88.1State
18.Flo FMUmuahia94.1Commercial
19.Love FMUmuahia103.9Commercial
20.MAGIC FMAba, Umuahia, Abia State102.9Commercial
21. Vision AfricaUmuahia, Abia State104.1Commercial
22.Pace Setter FMUmuahia, Abia State103.5Commercial
23.AM Radio GotelYola, Adamawa917Commercial
24.FM GotelYola, Adamawa91.1Commercial
25.ABC YolaYola, Adamawa95.7Commercial
26.Fombina FMYola, Adamawa101.5Commercial
27.Planet FMAkwa Ibom State101.1Commercial
28.Atlantic FMAkwa Ibom State104.5Commercial
29.Inspiration FMAkwa Ibom State105.9Commercial
30.AKBCAkwa Ibom State90.5Govt
31.Gospel Revolution FMAkwa Ibom State107.5Commercial
32.Anambra Broadcasting ServiceAwka, Anambra State88.5Govt
33.Brilla FM – SportOnitsha88.9Commercial
34.Minaj FMObosi, Anambra State89.4Commercial
35.Anambra Broadcasting ServiceOnitsha, Anambra State90.7Govt
36.Blaze FMOraifite, Anambra State91.5Commercial
37.Madonna Radio FMOkija, Anambra State93.2Campus
38.Radio Sapientia FMOnitsha, Anambra State95.3Commercial
39.Rhythm FMAwka, Anambra State.95.7Commercial
40.Odenigbo FMObosi, Anambra State99.1Commercial
41.Purity FMAwka, Anambra State.102.5Federal
42.Gist FMOgidi, Anambra State103.5Commercial
43.Alpha FMNnobi, Anambra State106.5Commercial
44.Lumen FMUga, Anambra State90.1Commercial
45.Brc 2 FMBauchi94.6Commercial
46.Globe FMBauchi98.5FRCN
47.Ray Power FMBauchi102.5Commercial
48.Silverbird Rhythm FMOxbow Lake Swali, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.94.7Commercial
49.Royal FMYenagoa, Bayelsa State95.5
50.Bayelsa State Broadcasting Corporation (BSBC) Glory FMBayelsa, Ekeki Yenagoa, Bayelsa State97.1State
51.Ray Power FMElebele, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.102.5Commercial
52.Creek FMRadio Nigeria, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State106.8State
53.Radio Benue 1 MakurdiState
54.Radio BenueMakurdi95.0
55.Joy FMOtukpo, Benue State96.5Commercial
56.Harvest FMBayelsa State Makurdi103.5Commercial
57.Ashiwaves FMKatsina-Ala, Benue State99.9Commercial
58.BRTV Borno RadioMaiduguri, Borno State94.5State
59.BRTV Metropolitan FMMaiduguri, Borno State95.3State
60. Freedom RadioMaiduguri, Borno State99.5Commercial
61.Peace FMMaiduguri, Borno State102.5FRCN
62.GAME FMBorno State90.7Commercial
63.Cross River Broadcasting CorporationCross River State104.5State
64.Cross River RadioCross River State92.6State
65.Hit FMCalabar, Cross River State95.9Commercial
66.Canaan City FMCalabar, Cross River State99.5Commercial
67.Melody FMWarri, Delta State88.6Commercial
68.Crown FMEffurun, Delta State89.9Commercial
69.Quest FMUghelli-Patani Road, Ogor[1], Delta State93.1Commercial
70.JFMOtu Jeremi, Delta State95.1Commercial
71.Ray power FMOghara, Delta State96.1Commercial
72.Voice of Delta RadioAsaba, Delta State97.9Commercial
73.Bridge RadioAsaba, Delta State98.7Commercial
74.Kpoko FM (Pidgin Broadcast)Warri100.5Commercial
75.Trend FMAsaba, Delta State100.9Commercial
76.Rize FMWarri[2], Delta State106.7Commercial
77.Hot FMAsaba, Delta State96.5Commercial
78.Salt FMAbakaliki, Ebonyi State98.1Commercial
79.Unity FMAbakaliki, Ebonyi State101.5Commercial
80.Edo Broadcasting ServiceAduwawa, Edo State95.75State
81.Bronze FM Aduwawa, Edo State101.5FRCN, Federal
82.Independent RadioBenin city, Edo State92.3Commercial
83.RayPower FMAbuja100.5Commercial
84.K-U FMBenin city-Edo state92.7Commercial
85.SilverBird Rhythm FMUgbowo, Benin city, Edo State93.7Commercial
86.Vibes FMBenin city, Edo State97.3Commercial
87.Speed FMBenin City, Edo State96.9Commercial
88.Progress FMAdo Ekiti, Ekiti State100.5FRCN, Federal
89.Golden voice of Ekiti (BSES)Ekiti State91.5 State
90.Dream FMEnugu, State92.5Commercial
91.Solid FMEnugu State100.9Commercial
92.Lion FMNsukka, Enugu, State91.1Commercial
93.Coal City FMEnugu State92.9FRCN
94.Voice FMNsukka, Enugu State96.7FRCN
95.Sunrise FMEnugu State96.1Commercial
96.Urban RadioEnugu State94.5Commercial
97.Progress RadioGombe State97.3Commercial
98.Gombe FMGombe State91.9State
99.Ray Power FMGombe State93.1State
100.Imo Broadcasting CorporationImo State94.5State
101.Hot FMOwerri, Imo State99.5Commercial
102.Heartland FMOwerri, Imo State100.5Commercial
103.Zanders FMOwerri, Imo State105.7Commercial
104.Megaband FmOwerri, Imo State97.3Commercial
105My Radio FMOwerri, Imo State100.9Commercial
106. 107.FM AndazaJigawa State93.5
108.Radio Jigawa AMJigawa State1026State
109.Dutse New world FMDutse, Jigawa State95.5
110.Brila FMKaduna State88.9Commercial
111.Kada 2 FMKaduna State89.9
112.Capital Sounds FMKaduna State90.9Commercial
113.Liberty Radio FM (English)Kaduna State91.7
114.Liberty Radio FM (Hausa)Kaduna State103.5
115.Karama FMKaduna State92.1FRCN
116.Freedom Radio FMKaduna State92.9Commercial
117.Supreme FMKaduna State96.1FRCN
118Alheri Radio FMKaduna State97.7Commercial
119.Alheri Radio FMZaria, Kaduna State97.7Commercial
120.Ray Power FMKaduna State106.5Commercial
121.Kada 1Kaduna State639
122.Nagarta RadioKaduna State747
123.FRCN (Hausa)Kaduna State594FRCN
124.FRCN (English)Kaduna State1107FRCN
125.Manoma Radio AMKano State549
126.Radio Kano I AMKano State729State
127.Dala FMKano State88.5
128.Radio Kano II FMKano State89.3State
129.Express Radio FMLamido Crescent, Kano State90.3Commercial
130.Arewa Radio FMFarm Centre, Kano93.1Commercial
131.Wazobia FMFarm Centre, Kano95.1Commercial
132.Cool FMFarm Centre, Kano96.9Commercial
133.Freedom Radio FMKano State99.5
134.FRCN Pyramid FMMadobi, Kano103.5FRCN
135.Ray Power FMKano State106.5Commercial
136.Radio Nigeria Companion FMKatsina State104.5FRCN
137.Ray Power FMKatsina State106.5Commercial
138.Katsina State RadioKatsina State972State
139.Vision FMKatsina State92.1Commercial
140.Kebbi State RadioBirnin kebbi, Kebbi State95.5State
141.Equity FMBirnin kebbi, Kebbi State103.5Commercial
142.Confluence FMLokoja, Kogi State.94.0State.
143.Grace FMLokoja, Kogi State.95.5Commercial
144.TAO FMOkene, Kogi State.100.9
145.Prime FMKogi State.101.5Commercial
146.Royal FMIlorin, Kwara State.95.1Commercial
147.Midland FM (Radio Kwara)Ilorin, Kwara State99.0State
148.Harmony FM FRCNIdofian, Kwara State103.5FRCN
149.Raypower FMIlorin, Kwara State106.5Commercial
150.Radio Kwara FMIlorin, Kwara State612.8State
151.Okin FMOffa, Kwara State105.7Commercial
152.Eko FMIkeja, Lagos State89.7Commercial
153.Top Radio FMLagos State90.9Commercial
154.Lagos Talks FMLagos State91.3Commercial
155.Inspiration FMLagos State92.3Commercial
156.Bond FMLagos State92.9State
157.Rhythm FMLagos State93.7Commercial
158.Wazobia FMLagos State95.1Commercial
159.Lagos Traffic radioLagos State96.1Commercial
160.Urban96 FMLagos State96.5Commercial
161.Cool FMLagos State96.9Commercial
162.Classic FMLagos State97.3Commercial
163.Metro FMLagos State97.9FRCN
164.SMOOTH FMLagos State98.1Commercial
165.Soundcity FMLagos State98.5Commercial
166.Kiss FMLagos State98.9Commercial
167.Nigeria InfoLagos State99.3Commercial
168.The Beat FMIkoyi, Lagos State99.9Commercial
169.RayPower FMAlagbado, Lagos State.100.5Commercial
170.Star FMIkeja, Lagos.101.5Commercial
171.Radio Continental,Ikosi Ketu, Lagos102.3Commercial
172.Naija FMLagos State102.7Commercial
173.Radio One FMLagos State103.5FRCN
174.Kennis FMLagos State104.1Commercial
175.City FMOregun, Lagos105.1Commercial
176.Faaji FM (Also of Raypower FM)Lagos State106.5Commercial
177.Radio Lagos, Ikeja (Also of Eko FM)Lagos State107.5Commercial
178.Maloney FMKeffi, Nasarawa State95.9Commercial
179.Nasarawa Broadcasting ServiceLafia, Nasarawa State97.1State
180.Precious FMLafia,  Nasarawa State102.5FRCN
181.Kizito FMNasarawa State108.0Commercial
182.Option FMNasarawa State92.3Commercial
183.Platinum RadioKeffi, Nasarawa State91.1Commercial
184.Zuma FMSuleja, Niger State88.8Commercial
185.Crystal RadioMinna, Niger State91.2Commercial
186.Power FMBida,  Niger State100.5 FRCN
187.Victory FMMinna, Niger State90.5Commercial
188.Arystocratz Radio FMcele ijebu-ode, Ogun State87.5Commercial
189.Rainbow FMOgun State94.1Commercial
190.Paramount FMAbeokuta, Ogun State94.5FRCN
191.Rockcity FMAbeokuta, Ogun State101.9Commercial
192.OGBC FMAbeokuta, Ogun State90.5State
193.Women FMArepo, Isheri, Ogun State91.7Commercial
194.S.M.A FMIJAGUN-IKOFA, Ogun State104.7Commercial
195.Sweet FMIbadan-Abeokuta Expressway, Abeokuta, Ogun State107.1Commercial
196.Kennis FM RadioOgun State104.1Commercial
197.Adaba FMIlara-Mokin via Akure, Ondo State88.9Commercial
198.Breez FMIjoka, Akure, Ondo State91.9Commercial
199.OSRC FMOrita-Obele, Akure, Ondo State96.5State
200.Positive FMOndo State102.5FRCN
201.Orange FMAkure, Ondo State94.5Commercial
202.Raypower FMOba-ile, Akure, Ondo State96.1Commercial
203.Sun City RadioOndo City, Ondo State101.9Commercial
204.Eki FMOndo city, Ondo State100.9Commercial
205.Music & Culture FMOndo city, Ondo State106.5Commercial
206.Excel FMOre, Ondo State91.1Commercial
207.Orisun FMIle Ife, Osun State89.5Commercial
208.Rave FMOroki Estate, Osogbo, Osun State91.7Commercial
209.Raypower FMOke Pupa, Osogbo95.1Commercial
210.Gold FMIloko-Ijesa road, Ilesa, Osun State.95.5FRCN
211.Odidere FM, Reality Radio-Vision Service (RRS)Sky Limit area, Iwo, Osun State96.3Commercial
212.Oodua FMToll Gate, Ile-Ife, Osun State90.9Commercial
213.Crown FMEleyele, Ile Ife, Osun State101.5Commercial
214.Uniq FMAra Station, Okesa, Ilesa, Osun State103.1Commercial
215.Living Spring FMIle-Awiye, Oke Baale, Osogbo, Osun State104.5Commercial
216.Space FM (1st Trilingual Radio Station in Nigeria)136, Liberty Road, Ibadan, Oyo State.90.1Commercial
217.Star FMSecretariat, Ibadan, Oyo State.91.5Commercial
218.Ajilete FMGambari, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.92.1Commercial
219.Impact Business Radio (Nigeria’s first Business Radio)Akobo, Ibadan, Oyo State.92.5Commercial
220.Royal Root FM Jericho Area, Ibadan, Oyo State.92.9Commercial
221.Premier FMDugbe, Ibadan, Oyo State.93.5FRCN
222.Raypower FMCocoa house Dugbe Ibadan, Oyo State.95.1Commercial
223.Oke-Ogun FMAlaga, Oyo State.96.3Commercial
224.Lagelu FM (also of Splash FM)Ibadan, Oyo State.105.5Commercial
225.Beat FMBodija, Ibadan, Oyo State.97.9Commercial
226.Jamz FMLagelu Estate, Felele Area, Ibadan, Oyo State.100.1Commercial
227.Parrot FMOgbomosho, , Oyo State.101.1Commercial
228.Oluyole FMOld Ife Road, Ibadan, Oyo State98.5Commercial
229.Amuludun FMMoniya, Ibadan, Oyo State99.1Commercial
230.Splash FMFelele, Ibadan, Oyo State.105.5Commercial
231.Inspiration FMOyo State92.3Commercial
232.Petals FMOld Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State.102.3Commercial
233.Naija FMBodija, Ibadan, Oyo State102.7Commercial
234.Fresh FM,Ibadan, Oyo State105.9Commercial
235.Lead RadioIbadan Oyo State106.3Commercial
236.Radio O.Y.O Ile-Akade Orita Bashorun (Radio AM)Oyo State756State
237.Jay FMJos, Plateau State101.9Commercial
238.Radio Plateau 1 AM1224, Jos, Plateau State88.65State
239.Peace FMJos, Plateau State90.5Commercial
240.Rhythm FMJos, Plateau State93.7Commercial
241.Raypower FMJos, Plateau State100.5Commercial
242.Highland FMJos, Plateau State101.5Commercial
243.Unity FMJos, Plateau State93.3Commercial
244.Tin City FMJos, Plateau State104.3Commercial
245.Cool FMRivers State95.9Commercial
246.Garden City FMRivers State89.9Commercial
247.Family Love FMRivers State97.7Commercial
248.Nigeria InfoRivers State95.1Commercial
249.Wave FMRivers State91.7Commercial
250.Radio RiversRivers State99.1Commercial
251.RayPower FMRivers State106.5Commercial
252.Rhythm FMRivers State93.7Commercial
253.Treasure FMRivers State98.5FRCN
254.Today FMRivers State95.1Commercial
255.Wazobia FMRivers State94.1Commercial
256.Vision FMSokoto State92.1Commercial
257.Rima FMSokoto State97.1Commercial
258.Royal FMSokoto State101.5Commercial
259.Freedom FMSokoto State99.5Commercial
260.TSBS Taraba radio JalingoJalingo, Taraba State90.6State
261.TSBS Taraba radioSerti, Taraba State97.5State
262.Gift FM JalingoTaraba State104.8Commercial
263.pride of the Sahel DamaturuDamaturu, Yobe State89.5State
264.Pride FM Gusau International broadcastersZafara State102.5State
265.Voice of Nigeria (ShortWave), LagosZafara State7255State

Radio Stations In Nigeria And Their Owners

Here are some of the most popular radio stations as well as their owners:

1. Cool FM

This particular radio station happenes to be one of the most popular one in Nigeria. In fact, many people say that it is by far the best radio station we have in Nigeria. It is important to note that this radio station was founded in 1998. Cool FM is in Lagos, Abuja, Port harcourt as well as Kano at frequency 96.9. This radio station is owned by Amin Moussalli.

2. Wazobia FM

One recommendable thing about Wazobia FM is that it is the first radio station in Nigeria to hold programs in Pidgin. This radio station is loved by many Nigerian. The popular Yaw is an OAP on Wazobia FM. It has its branches available in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Port harcourt. The owner of this radio station is Amin Moussalli.

3. Raypower FM

The radio station is also one that is loved by many Nigeria. This was the first independent station in Nigeria. It has it’s branches in up to 18 states in Nigeria. It is owned DAAR communication Plc.

4. Brilla FM

This particular radio station happens to be the only sports radio station we have in Nigeria. It is available in four states which are Lagos, Onitsha, Kaduna, Abuja. It is owned by Larry Izamoje.

5. Rhythm FM

This particular radio station is well known for playing different genres of Music. Its frequency is 93.7, it was also established in 1997. It is also worthy to note that it is owned by Silverbird Group. The popular Toke Makinwa is an OAP on this Radio station.


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